My Lastest Obsession: Rainbow Veggie Bowls

18 Feb

Nom. Nom.Nom!


We are “weird” homeschoolers!

14 Feb

I loved this post—being “weird” is exceptional! “Normal” is just average! 🙂

Adventures Of Hahn Academy

Normally people don’t ask too many questions or if they find out we are homeschooling they might ask why.  In fact we have had very positive and supporting encounters until the other day.  Well, the other day, at a local restaurant for lunch the server commented to my son “Why aren’t you at school?”  Of course DS quickly and proudly says “I home school.”  The server gave us an odd look and quickly walked away to never be seen again.  We have been to this restaurant many times and this was the first time we had this kind of encounter.  I didn’t know if I should have said something more, but definitely had that feeling he thought we were weird.  And of course, that got me thinking, how weird are we?

So here is my list of “You are a weird homeschooler if….”

The librarians know you.  I mean…

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For the Love of Letters: Giving Kids Purposeful Writing Practice

13 Feb

My grandmother always made me address her envelopes and write down her recipes as she spoke them. I thought it was so much fun because I saw it as helping her! She always encouraged me to take my time and be neat. My babe loves to do letters to her family members. I will continue to encourage these acts 🙂

The Joy of Teaching - An Evan-Moor Blog

Dear Homeschoolers,Blog-For the Love of Letter Infographic[1]

Isn’t it fun to get a REAL letter in the mail? You know how you are sorting through the bills, the junk mail, and then…there it is: a REAL letter. It makes you smile, right? I would guess you open it first, too. I sure do.

We love getting letters, especially in a world of emails, texting, and FaceTime. There is something special about knowing that someone was thinking of you days before and took the time to write you a letter.

Teaching our children to write REAL letters is a priceless skill. If we can motivate our children with a purpose for writing, they will actually want to write those letters!

How do you motivate children to write a letter? Simply give them a purpose. Let them in on the secret of surprising someone. Have them imagine what the person will do when he or she receives…

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Being a SAHM

12 Feb

Good reminders…

Faith Led Home

Today was one of the better days as a stay at home mom. A friend texted this morning suggesting a trip to the zoo. I easily decided to skip the gym, packed our lunches, and off we went! With it being my first big outing without Jerad, it was great to have other moms to go with and the kids loved spending time at the zoo with their friends. We saw animals, picnicked, rode the train, and had very few behavioral problems. The day was filled with talking, exploring, lots of walking, and soaking up the 70 degree weather in February. On the ride home, both of my children fell asleep. One child kept sleeping once we got home, and the other played nicely in the living room. Later the kids played outside while Jerad grilled in the backyard, giving me time to get the rest of dinner ready peacefully…

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Loving your husband when the honeymoon is over.

12 Feb

This has been a post Ive been waiting on! My! My! My! After a whole laundry list of things that happen once you’ve settled into married take hold—you NEED this to bring back that breath of fresh air to your relationship!🙌 Reblog and printing out for a daily reference! Thank you!

Sissy Says

Yes, I know you’re busy! We all have things in our lives that prevent us from doing all that lovey dovey mushy cra…stuff we used to do when we were dating. Kids, work, church, cooking, cleaning, that pile of laundry that’s been staring at you like an ugly, smelly, monster ready to devour an entire day of your life. I know, trust me! We all get caught up in our day-to-day lives because life doesn’t slow down for anyone. How do you find time to show affection when you barely have time to shower or Lord forbid, shave! Like I said, trust me, I know, I’ve taken many midnight showers and stayed up into the early morning hours trying to finish laundry or last-minute school projects. Being a wife and a mommy is not easy, if it were, men would do it! 😉
When it comes to your love life…

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How I Found My Sanity (While Being a SAHM)

12 Feb

Made me laugh! It’s so true–we need to loosen up! I get granted those blissful days of everything falling right into place and try to remember all I did or said hoping the next day will be the same! 🙂

Valentines Fun- February 2015

11 Feb

We have been covering more Valentine’s fun stuff this week since my little lady loves hearts and the color pink!  Might as well make the most of it, right!  Of course, the little lady is in preschool 2x a week and that ultimately means making cards for her friends.  I am super creative and enjoy using my gift in every aspect of what is done in our household!  Nothing is ever just “plain” around these parts!

IMG_1250 IMG_1249IMG_1251

After I picked her up, we talked about her day and I told her that we would be working on something special for the Valentine party on Thursday.  I was at Target earlier and went browsing in the party favors section and discovered some fun googly eyes that slide on your finger.  The creative juice started flowing on how to incorporate some V-day flair.  I went home and created a template and had all my materials ready for when we arrived home from preschool.  Eden was so excited to have the art time and create something special for her friends.  I had her class list and we started by cutting and pasting everything. Next we moved into writing the name of each friend on their gift.  Although I did not set this as a homeschool activity, she did ask me if we were doing homeschool!  I guess that could be a positive and a negative! Maybe she is seeing everything is a learning experience? I read a post this morning about a Jenn at The Good Life talking about separation of school and everyday life/fun time.  I know I have done this on previous occasions (here and here).  However I gently replied,” No honey, this is just art time, but it does help us to practice what we learn in homeschool.” Whew! That satisfied her 4 year-old brain enough for that moment! Believe me, I wanted to pull the full-on homeschool card with all the writing, reading and spelling we were accomplishing in those moments!


Nevertheless, I had some treat bags left from some project umpteen years ago.  I let her choose exactly what color googly eyes she thought each friend would want.  We put on our  “eye” hope you will be my valentine labels, stapled and voila!  We made it through our art fun and created some cute Valentine gifts that will spare her friend’s parents from a traditional sugar high kids get from all that candy!


Be thankful, be blessed in all you have and what you do not–

Madame H